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Google+ Its a persona profile

Google+ is a medium where you can build a personal profile and link in with other like minded people and also follow companies, it is a good source for researching companies and also creates one more location on the web that gets you noticed.

Twitter networking and job searching

Twitter is the perfect tool to find what you need by using a search on key words. Searches work with or without the hash tag. The good thing about this method is you can drill down in to areas, the search results will also bring to your attention accounts that are posting jobs, Follow these accounts to keep track of the latest postings.

Twitter is an excellent place to start networking, the more people you follow the more information you will see on your twitter time line. some accounts will re tweet information opening up more accounts of interest to follow.

You can also use Twitter to search companies in the search box just type in #(company name) ie. #yodel click search and you will see results from all kinds of sources, Customer feedback, Share price information and latest news. This information can all be used to prepare for an interview or even give you an understanding of what to expect when working for a company.

Just remember social media accounts are linked to your e mail address and as you are more often then not providing potential employers with you e mail address on your CV its best to use an e mail address that you have not linked to social media sites. This way they wont see any embarrassing posts from a Saturday night in the Clwyd. The one exception being Linkedin.com

Linkedin.com what is it?

You may or may not know about www.linkedin.com. For those of you who do not know what Linkedin is, in layman's terms it is a "professional" social media web site, an electronic CV. You can connect and network with other people on the site as well as receive e mails on the latest jobs that best match you Linkedin profile (CV. You can even apply for some jobs directly through the site using your profile information and contact details. Linkedin is free but they do offer a subscription based service for extra visibility, although we found that this did not offer any additional benefits to our overall experience on the site.

Sadly Linkedin is slowly becoming very much like facebook with people asking you to like a picture of $100 bills or you will never be rich.

People who you connect with can "authenticate" your listed skill sets. People can also post endorsements, basically a reference.

Voicemail Say Hello....

when applying for jobs your are going to receive calls, some calls you may miss and they will got to your answer phone. It is best practice to leave a simple personal message along the lines of "Hello you have reached the voice mail of "your Name" I am sorry I missed your call, please leave your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as I can...." this gives the caller confidence they are calling the correct person and it shows an organised side to your personality.

As we touched on earlier in this section, we feel it is very important that you separate you personal social media from your professional social media. Some people overlook their e mail address. Your Professional e mail address that you will use on CVs and sites like Linkedin should be your actual name. This can be hard to achieve unless you buy your own domain. We personally use GMAIL.com for our professional e mail, G mail is perfectly integrated to mobile phone operating systems. There will be a high chance that your name will not be available, but we have a work around, our name was taken and google wanted us to add 234 at the end of our name, that doesn't look good, our solution, we added our area of expertise on the end of the e mail "name.name.logistics@gmail.com". This in out view is better that sending out e mails from DJ247partyanimal.email.com, that can be a little bit off putting. Lets face it, just like when meeting someone the first thing they see is your appearance when applying digitally your appearance id your e mail address an this can paint a picture in the head of the person receiving the e mail.

Jobs from Indeed

youtube.com it has everything?

So you get a job interview, the company make ceramic breaks for the automotive and aerospace industry, you have the required skill set but you have never worked with ceramic parts before, it would be good to get some understanding before your interview to impress with your knowledge. Youtube will have the video trust me.

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