Social Inclusion Project

What's the plan... Some basic tips

Having your CV on line in as many places as possible will maximise opportunities coming to you.

Upload your CV regally to keep you at the top of the recruiters list.

Get the best out of social media As you can see we have a live Twitter feed searching for all job postings with key words like "Flintshire Jobs" and "Deeside Jobs". Twitter is perfect for networking and research, use it to your advantage. See our get the best from twitter page {link to be added}

Social media is a double edge sward, when using social media pleas remember that potential employers may be able to see your social media posts so keep it clean.

Make your CV recruiter friendly, They all prefer windows .Doc documents. from experience there is nothing worse then receiving an application / CV that you can not open and potentially your application will go straight in to file 13.

Prepare for interviews. Once you get that phone call or e mail confirming an interview date, get on line, research the company, not only on there own web site but also use social media. I have in the past found out information on social media that is not on the company web site.

If you find your self waiting at a gate house or reception, ask the receptionist some questions. You will be surprised what information you can get, I recently found out before an interview the last person was hounded out of the business and his stress levels were through the roof.